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Lightning effect height problem

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Level 10
Jun 6, 2007
[SOLVED] Lightning effect height problem

I'm creating a triggered life drain spell. Everything else works, but I'd like the lightning to be displayed correctly also when the spell is cast on flying units. So I do the following:
set casterX = GetUnitX(this.caster)
set targetX = GetUnitX(this.target)
set casterY = GetUnitY(this.caster)
set targetY = GetUnitY(this.target)
set casterZ = GetUnitFlyHeight(this.caster)
set targetZ = GetUnitFlyHeight(this.target)
call MoveLightningEx(this.light, true, casterX, casterY, casterZ, targetX, targetY, targetZ)
Still the height is too low.

SOLVED by using ZLibrary.
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