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Legend of Choss RPG 1.6 [Beta]

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

Legend of Choss RPG 1.6 [Beta] (Map)

Level 3
Nov 24, 2004
balanced alot to make the enemys easier, added blacksmith feature, added the necromancer as well.
for those who havent played, its a basic closed rpg, so no save/load. fairly challenging, and for rpg experts with lots of time only!

please give me feedback, i really want to make more on this. my email is [email protected] and my msn is [email protected]. i also have a yahoo under staleness420 as well.
Level 2
Jul 10, 2005
I died when i was fighting against the first boss in the forest. When I return there the gate won't open so I have to restart it... The gaurd said that I should talk to his mate at the bottom of the lake but I can't find him... What's wrong? :roll:
Level 5
Jul 21, 2005
Truly, this map is great, though whats with all the extra room!? i mean you could leave the entire place and go to world desert, and that spider area, with those zombies, make the boundry more "protective", you can kill trees with an abuilty and get in, which i find annouying

Very good rpg, i love no save code..its gay when you have a lvl 60 loaded...

Also the one paladin dude, remove his tp! Or was it an item? Hmmm, anyway, its very cheep, when i entered the place where u have to get gems, i entered and HE TPED TO ME!, so i suggest making an defence trigger in that cenario, and the chance of the book being sold to everyone on that exact day is 10000, to 1, still im fine with it, i would like it if you change that, like make a hidden forrest merchant who has alot of those books from far, far away..

Overall great rpg, just a quick question whats with all the extra room? Are you planing to add more stuff? or is it just there because of an worst case sencario *NOT EN0UGH ROOM OMFG!* :D