[Crash] launching JNGP pliiizzz help mee..

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Level 4
May 6, 2010
hey guys, anybody know how to launch this stupid (but very useful) JNGP?
'cause I can't launch it with my war3 1.24e
when I try to start map, that use JNGP via 1.21 war it returns to map screen (races, players, map, e.t.c.) :ogre_frown:

I make maps through 1.21
In WE JNGP works perfectly but when I launch War it doesn't
JNGP will not launch on my 1.24e never, I think - It says something like : "Could not hack "name of .dll" and something else... :wink:
plizz help me... :ogre_hurrhurr:

P.S. I have a licensed version of War 3 v 1.24e and War 3 TFT - Frozen Throne 1.21 (not licensed) :ogre_rage:
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