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Jan 12, 2010
Latest Female Worgen Model


While surfing the World or Warcraft Wiki I check on the Worgen page to see if they have added anything to the them, I saw a new rendering of the Female Worgen and I'm kinda of depressed about it.

Her new face has lost some of its sexiness, she has a stereotypical angry expressionless face and with matching angry bloodshot yellow eyes.

Her early beta model was drop dead sexy, at least in my opinion, she had a gorgeous face with expressive blue eyes, and her fangs showed only a little.

Here are pictures of of the old and newer models from WoWWiki;

Early Beta Worgen Female Models:

Newer Beta Female Worgen Model:

I really really don't like the new Female Worgen model, and I'm hoping blizzard revise her look. I also want to see what the Hive thinks about the models.

So, tell me what you guys think. :thumbs_up:


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Mar 8, 2005
I don't like either. Why the hell is the male model so hunched over and animalistic, while the female one is slender, stands up straight and beyond a little angry face isn't all that animalistic at all.