Land of wisdom RPG-need helpers

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Jun 25, 2006
I started making rpg land of wisdom i maked only few quests!I have bunch of ideas but i cant do it alone because i am amateur and i need someone to help me with map!Best helpers for me are those who can speak my language so (croatians,serbians,macedonians).All other can help too , but it will be lack of understanding!

Map info:Choose hero(i didnt maked descision what will be custom heroes or classes(mage,druid,warlock.....)).Quest(lots of it)-when you doing quests you can choose will you go on light or dark side(good and bad).Items(need someone who can make me items system for only one type wearing in inventory one sword only.....)and there will be enchanting system too-reagents combine....recepies).Wanna put some instances like in wow where you can kill creeps and kill boss at the end!Ofc map will be multiplayer.
Need help for new ideas , trrigering and mb terrain.(spell triggers for custom spells too)
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Level 6
Jul 30, 2008
all I can say from your post is , whatever .....
you gave no info about the rpg itself , no screenshots and no info about what kinds of helpers EXACTLY are you looking for