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Labyrinth and Dark Crystal models and some other stuff

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Level 2
May 19, 2017
Hey I was wondering if anyone ever thought of making models of creatures from these movies?
I'm specifically looking for a Skeksis model, not just something sort of similar. Besides that I'd be interested to see Labyrinth style goblin units. I kind of wanted to use these two franchises and create a whole playable race based on them.
Also I've been unable to find a simple half orc/human model to use.
Speaking of which, does anybody know a simple and efficient way of adding additional races?
Further than this, I want to know how to copy multiple units/abilities and other stuff in the object editor and paste it into another map (without replacing already existing units/abilities [so basically just adding more]) because I think it's two tedious to copy paste everything one by one, and I don't want to replace everything I've already made. So is there a small tweak for the editor that'd allow me to just hold Ctrl and then click on all the things in the object editor I want copied? If that doesn't exist I hope somebody can make that.
One thing I'm hoping is possible is copy paste almost all the content from TTOR and paste into normal warcraft so I have additional units and abilities to play around with without replacing normal warcraft stuff. At the very least I would like to know where to download TTOR content piece by piece.

Beyond that I want to create a scifi map based on a comic series I've developed and would like to know if anyone would like to make models for it.
Thanks if anyone is interested
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