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Ice/Crystal Wall

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Level 1
Feb 13, 2011
Hey people. If anyone could be kind enough to create an Ice Wall model I'd greatly appreciate it. I know that there are a few crystal models.. but I feel picky since they're a bit too.. fat I spose. :p

Sort of a pyramid shape with a thin base and sort of rough squarish but irregular corners.
Maybe a bit of a dark shade of blue.
(BTW - can you please keep them singular? I'll use a trigger to spam them and do some other things with them)
Found this picture on Google :L, bit similar, quite resembles what I've in mind. asdf.jpg

Death - Shatters into crystals. Like glass flying out.
Birth - Shoots up from the ground like impale.
Stand (maybe a bit of fog?)

Many many thanks for anyone who would like to help.
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