KvR 5.11b-Return of Warlock

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is the second version of KvR because is better then first.

=KvR 5.11B Changelog=


*Added more than 20 buildings to each side.
*Added 2 more units for Rebel Forces(Rebel Warrior and Musketman).
*Added 2 more units for Knight Forces(Crusader and Rifleman).
*Added FLY MOUNT building and fly mount (gryphon).
*Change owner for few units.


*One new battleground.
*More doodads.
*Change some places.
*Added pathing blockers.


*Items are +10% expensive than 5.11
*New item "Scroll of Town Portal" wich teleports you to your allied Castle.


*Reducing the duration of "Mana shield" by 5-5-5
*NEW Hero - Samuray
*New magic spell - Strike (Samuray).
*New magic spell - Quarter Strike (Samuray).
*New magic spell - Blink Strike (Samuray).
*Change some texts to Warlock's spells.

Map is smaller than first with 900 KBS.

Play first and then judge.

knights,rebels,medieval age,warlock.

KvR 5.11b-Return of Warlock (Map)

10:21, 23rd May 2009 by bounty hunter2: Post #7, Rejected. Use our Map Development forum for further development of your map, this is nowhere near approval.




10:21, 23rd May 2009 by bounty hunter2:
Post #7, Rejected.

Use our Map Development forum for further development of your map, this is nowhere near approval.
Level 17
Jun 17, 2007
KvR 5.11b-Return of Warlock in AoS between two sides; the knights and the rebels.

The terrain was one of the worst aspects of the map. At least 1/2 of the map was unused in the map, and the other half was badly done. It was plagued by plain and open areas, and a terrible use of doodads and blizzard cliffs. At least in the two bases the terrain was done decently. You should also provide a better description of your map. Since it is also wrongly categorized, I had no idea what type of map I was getting into. There was a Paladin owned by Orange half-stuck inside the wall. I'm assuming you placed that unintentionally. An overuse of the colour red in the interface was quite distracting. The ring of protection +1 is wrongly advertised.

The gameplay wasn't any better than the presentation of the map. The heroes were all the default melee ones. While they're fairly balanced in a melee game, they're not designed for an AoS. The items were also in need of balancing. I'll give an example:
Claws of Attack: 500 gold, + 6 damage.
Gloves of Damage: 740 gold, + 20 damage.
Here's another more serious imbalance:
Ring of Protection: 150 gold, +2 armor.
Skull Shield: 300 gold, +1 armor.
Why would I pay twice as much for an item that gives half the bonuses?
Admittedly, spawning peasants which repair towers was quite cool. I encountered a bug that made the map unplayable. After selecting my hero (Firelord), the tavern still had heroes I was able to choose. Curious, I clicked on a few of them. I was then told that I'd already selected a hero, and the available heroes then dissipated. I used the -repick command, so my current hero was removed from the game. However, I wasn't able to choose another one.

Rating: 1.8 and not recommended for approval.

My recommendations:
Improve the terrain, or re-organize the map so there isn't so much empty space.
Develop a few custom heroes.
Properly balance the items.
Re-verse the distracting interface modifications.