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Kratos Medusa Gaze

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Level 4
Aug 5, 2011
Spell name :
Medusa's Gaze

Spelltype :
Active Target Area
Based on Flame Strike

Scripting Type:

50 x Level + 1x strength

Additional Informations:
Distance: 900
Duration: 4 seconds

5 Levels
No mana cost
Cooldown 10 seconds
Starting AOE : 250 (Each level + 100 AOE)
Slows all units in the aoe about 9% per level

Spell Discription:
Kratos uses the head of the Medusa he killed and brings forward the head of the medusa and shoots from her mouth a green beam that slows enemy units until they turn into stone.

Then when kratos casts the spell all units in the ability AOE are slowed and because duration of the spell is 4 seconds i think the following:

FIrst 3 seconds kratos slows enemies but if the units stay inside of the AOE for the fourth second they are being turned into stone (Maybe create an Special Effect something like Abilities\Spells\Undead\DeathCoil\DeathCoilSpecialArt.mdl at origin of each unit will be turned into stone) so i believe pause units should be fine because i dont think another way of turning them in stone.

Then the units turned into stone will be paused for an extra 2 seconds .
In game its not necessary to make the head in kratos hand just playing his Spell animation and shoots a Green beam from his position towards the target of ability being casted.
I want the beam to be something like the original spell of kratos in God of war .

Image of the spell in the god of war game

Time in video:3:43

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