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Made by Olof Moleman

Give credit if you use this in your map

Please do not distribute or modify this resource without permission.

star wars dewback stormtrooper

Dewback with Stormtrooper (Model)

Level 8
May 15, 2004
lovely work. i would also like to see another model of a very cool unit, the emperors guard, the ones with the long red helmits and cloaks and carrie staffs, they looked cool in the movie, shame we didn't get to see them fight or anything.
i've been looking at some of the models and i dont think its possible to make a tuskin raider.... bantha poodo!! :lol:
Level 6
Feb 10, 2005
Looks nice, i haven't downloaded yet but still looks good. It's only to bad that you have become a bit arrogant becaus there are other people who make models aswell and you always have something bad to say about these models. Ok, i understand sometimes but if you gice comment tell them also how to improve. Further good luck with your models and skins :wink: :D
Level 1
Apr 17, 2005
nice model, however i found a bug with it - when the unit dies and straight after it decays, if you move a unit near where it died a copy of the mounted clone warrier appears out of nowhere and attaches itself to the nearby unit. this mounted clone warrier will then attach itself to any other unit that comes close (not replicate, re-attach). the mounted clone warrier never re-attaches itself normally, only after the unit dies. the model works fine apart from that so ive copied the skins across correctly etc.