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King Of The Damned. 99% freehand the skull on his chest and book is cnp.

Path: Textures\Arthas.blp

Arthas, Evil, Damned, Corrupt, corrupted, doom, shadow, dark, darkness, hell, chaos

KingOfTheDamned2 (Texture)

THE_END: And I just pooped my pants...crap
Level 1
Aug 10, 2004
HOLY!!..erm i mean UNHOLY!! that is an awsome skin! I really like the texture on his face! I can never ever do that in my life even if i tried my best! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
Level 1
Aug 8, 2004
Sweet skin dude, but its wee bit cluttered. The face is awesome, but the teeth don't look that good

Also nice use of canvas or sandstone texture (Can't remember)
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
I demand closer views.

the UV Map is a decent work of flesh, even tho the muscles are very misplaced. If you tried to do gold on the crown, it failed, the color is a miserable yellow with no textures.

You shouldnt use that much small details, since the skin stretches and gets mutilated. the face and overally everything but the armor (excludes belt) suffers from that.

the armor features gold texture, but they're mostly from the default skin. you should use the same technique on the crown.

the use of small teeths isn't a good idea, the filter you applied is of bad taste and looks bad.

overally, take more time and/or study the textures, beceause you for sure had difficulties with the crown and you used a filter to make a texture.
try going for more blunt details, open up a blizz skin and watch how much it's simple and how the details are relativly not here. but it's not needed to make so much details for warcraft 3 models.

Altho i appreciate freehand, basicly the skin is 60% freehanded, there is available space to do addtionnal freehand. This is definitivly not the best of your skins, i'm rather dissapointed.


EDIT: the red eyes are overused and now look like unoriginal, try for green, and put white in the middle to show the intensity of the glow.
Level 5
Jun 17, 2004
I think worm should die. and you dont know the half of the madness footy so you should stfu. The skin is nothing but perfect its flawless I see no error 5/5 if I could rate this higher I would. all your trolling bastards and people that side with trolls (besides GotGunz hes done some good stuff for me) should go have a gay orgy and die from AIDs Im not kidding you guys piss on everyones skin even if its perfect or not. sorry I had to do that but im getting pissed now.
Level 4
Jun 21, 2004

Wow. GREAT work, I myself would have a very frusterating time trying to do the face. :roll:


Alright, I've watched you sit back and type long essays for comments which criticize everyone's work, while you don't do a single skin yourself.

Now I know not every skin can be perfect, but you seem to think that all things submitted to someplace like this, which, might I remind you, IS NOT AN OFFICIAL, PROFESSIONAL SKIN ARCHIVE, must be 110% godly.

Newsflash worm. Most people on here aren't skinners for a living. The skins you see here are, for the most part, not going to be Doom 3 quality!

I suggest you go and take your trolling somewhere else, because IT IS NOT WELCOMED HERE.
Level 9
May 10, 2004
And yet again people make the mistake of thinking he has done no skins ...

What wormskull said, and gratz to you on doing a goodface.

@Drunkentroll: just because you can't see any error's/flaws, it doesn't mean there is none. Judging from your skins, you shouldn't be allowed to rate, because you will overrate everything :lol:
Level 5
Jun 17, 2004
What does this have to do with my skins? your going off topic bud. Worm is just a 12 year old that just craps all over peoples stuff and himself. if hes so great why doesent he post his shit on here? until then he has nothing to prove how "good" he is until he has the balls to post something. I know how to judge by what I see that has some effort into it. By use of Tools,CNP,Freehand,Details,Shadeing,Paint in the lines,Clutter,Effort, and what ever else. hope you rethink about posting something or it might go off topic.
Level 2
Apr 4, 2004
there are good points to wormskulls incessive bitching... like... keeping us occupied with constant STFUs and MAKE A SKIN YOURSELFs.