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Level 11
May 11, 2008
Really, please describe your issue more clearly.

Do you mean the Arthas Lich King model?

If you do mean that, try reading Importing the Model

You HAVE to change the paths for most/all of the files you imported.

He means he's invisible....

He imported the textures wrong, here's the simplest way of understanding it.

When you downloaded it came in a folder right? Inside that folder there is a name and at the end of it, it's .MDX or .BLP right? Well .MDX is the model itself the .BLP is the texture. When you import it to the Import Manager, the .BLP file path must change like this, double click on the filename, check mark Use Custom Path, remove war3mapimported/ . Do this if there is more than 1 .BLP file. Then restart the world editor because it will only show a green cube once you've imported it.
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