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King Varian Wrynn

This is the last model of Varian I made, I promise. :p

I always wanted to make a more detailed version of VW but the one that should also fit in game(wc3 Classic). I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

This model is different and probably the first that is made from scratch but uses animations from Wc3 Reforged.

As always, give credits if you use this model and enjoy!

Update: Added the glow on the sword.

King Varian Wrynn (Model)

Portrait (Model)

A well-made and highly detailed model, as usual! Works in-game. Approved! Additionally, "Stand Victory" and "Stand Channel" animation may be merged into one animation.
Level 10
Mar 16, 2013
Dont care how many versions of Varian will be made as long as it gets better and better or unique from ea other.
Tho adding another or two more attack variations would bring more umf too him lol. The spell animation is ok but adding attack slams, spell that uses his sword like a slashing move, a spell slam would be great too.
The Stand Victory and spell channel is the same animations.
You can ignore this one. The face haha im really sorry it gets me.
But over all imo its a good version too. The movements are smooth. His stance/posture and the high ponytail gives me the HotS vibe+
He's one of my fave characters in WoW. Rip for him in the lore tho.
Level 3
Jun 29, 2019
I see good footman model with him!
When release?
Or it's just on reforged
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Level 17
Nov 12, 2016
Using Wc3 Reforged Animations might not be a bad idea, the Attacks as far as i knew were actually sycned to the same amount of frames an original variant of models might have had, in any case, an Attack 2 wouldn't hurt 🙂