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Jericho Project Recruitment

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Level 14
Apr 22, 2006

Hello, Community
I'm looking for people who would like to help me with a Horror Multiplayer Shooting map called "Jericho" based on the horror egoshooter "Clive Barker's Jericho" if you don't know it you can visit the offical website under: http://www.codemasters.de/jericho/index.php or a hd trailer in order to make a picture of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wePhq7wNR-Q&feature=related

The Concept:
A Horror Multiplayer Shooting Map with 7 Characters every of them has his own weapon and his own supernatural abilities/powers for the example telekinesis after the players has choosen his favourite character the players vote for a campaign mission and a difficulty level after the choosing the players join the battle against horrible creatures and the teamwork is the only way to survive.

The Characters:

Captain Devin Ross
Weapon: HKG36C assault rifle with an XM26 semi-automatic mounted shotgun
Skill 1: Revive fallen teammates
Skill 2: Regeneration

Captain Xavier Jones
Weapon: HKG36C assault rifle with an XM26 semi-automatic mounted shotgun
Skill 1: Translate languages
Skill 2: Mind Controll

Corporal Simone Cole
Weapon: XM8 Compact Carbine
Skill 1: Time manipulation
Skill 2: Ammunition supplies

Father Rawlings
Weapon: Twin Desert Eagles complete with extended 15 round magazines
Skill 1: Revive fallen teammates
Skill 2: Heal teammates

Lieutenant Abigail Black
Weapon: Sniper Rifle with a grenade launcher (Flash Thought)
Skill 1: Psychokinetic powers her to guide her bullets into multiple targets
Skill 2: Telekinesis

Sergeant Frank Delgado
Weapon 1: .50-calibre semi-automatic custom pistol with 6-round magazines (Pain)
Weapon 2: 7.62-mm mini-gun (Hells Keeper)
Skill 1: Ababinili a parasitic flame spirit allow him to attack with a fire ghost
Skill 2: Fire Shield

Sergeant Wilhelmina "Billie" Church
Weapon 1: Katana (Nodachi)
Weapon 2: rapid-fire sub machine pistol with a 30-round magazine (Kenjuu)
Skill 1: Blood Life Leech
Skill 2: Fire Blood Ritual

• Shooting System
• Singleplayer and Multiplayer
• Physic System
• Own Online Servers (In order to play with other jericho players)
• Launcher (In order to have at every time the newest version and the newest information about the mod)
• Random generator (in order to make every mission to a new)
• Voting System
• Revive System (Revive your teammates)
• 100% Changed Interface
• 100% Own Files and selfcreated Soundtracks
• Horror atmosphere
• Rank System (Save & Load your rank in order to unlock things)
• 7 diffrent Characters with his own weapons and skills
• 10 Level/Missions

People Recruitment Types:
• Modeller
• Animators
• Jass/vJass/Gui Coders (Optional I can do it for the team)
• Icon Makers (Optional I can do it for the team)
• People with Ideas (You can change Jericho if you want it)
• Story Writer (If you want a new concept of Jericho)
• Concept Artists (Optional I can do it for the team)
• Beta Testers
• Skinners (Optional I can do it for the team)
• Terrainer (Optional I can do it for the team)

To do List:
• UI 0% X
• Characters Models 0% X
• Ground Tiles 0% X
• Enemy Models 0% X
• Cursor 0% X
• Logo 100% √
• Spells 0% X
• Loadingscreen 0% X
• Previewpicture 0% X
• Doodad Models 0% X
• Selection Circle Model 100% √
• Shooting System 100% √
• Physic System 100% √
• Choose System 100% √
• Revive System 100% √
• Icons X 0%
• Enemy AI System 100% √
• Cliff Skins 0% X

(The Recruitment Threadis not finish yet)
If you want to join the Jericho Team or you have any questions about the project or something like this you should post in this thread.

Warning: don't break the THW Rules in this thread!

If you want to see any works from me you should visit on of my projects: http://www.moddb.com/mods/rise-of-rapture or for my other old project http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/whispers-dark-148690/

Have a nice day!
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