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Level 2
Jun 1, 2011
If any of you have ever seen Jericho(?) it is an show about life after a nuclear on American soil. I would like to replicate that show, except that it would be that the players make the choices.

The player would be mayor (as elected by other players) and he would be in charge of the town, making sure that it is secure and facing any problems that might come with running a country after a nuclear war. All the while they are dealing with the local road gang (player blue). The other players must find a way to make a living in Jericho, with jobs such as shop keeper, farmer, Sheriff, or a self employed job such as scavenger (sell items found in other towns to shop keeper). This would include a barter system (as the Dollar or any other currency would be of no use). This would also use an advanced NPC system, the NPCs will vote for the mayor with popular vote (such as the mayor giving out more rations = more popularity with the citizens) and hold jobs.

Story Line:
The American government has crumbled, the small town of Jericho, just outside of Denver (Which has been destroyed) must find a way to cope after terrorists manage to bring the US Government to its knees. FEMA and the Army are no where to be found, aid comes from foreign countries once in awhile but other then that, Jericho is on its own. Live the life of Towns people after this nuclear disaster.

(1+) Trigger person
(1+) Modeler
(1+) Terrain Artist (I will have most of the terrain done already)


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