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--Japan Wars--

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Ok, lets end this bullshit one's for all:
Werewolf does extra damage against - something *forgot* is on Aequebuiser!!
I know that, but that is from my earlier unfinished map Wherewolfs, vampires & Humans!! :eekani:
Then why did i use the same map as that one????
Becuase all the models i were going to use *japanese models* were already there!!
Why shall i import them twice if i already have them imported in the same format on the map as i were going to have?!?!?! :huh:
Anyway, i'll just import the god damn file as an evidence, this map is made by me 100 % from scratch!!

If you have any more doubt after checking this map out, piss off. :thumbs_down:

THE ONE AND ONLY OLD OLD OLD failure experiment:
View attachment Unfinished5.w3x

Hi there, my map Japan Wars is now finished..
Sry for the lame & cheap title ^^

This map is a risk-like map where you build an empire or Conquer more land.
There are boats, emperors & different units that are stronger vs different type of units.
I think it exists 55 towns to choose in beginning, not 100 % on that point.

A TIP: Train FIRE archers in the beginning after you have choose nyour start-town!

Future Versions?
YES, i will update the map after feedbacks & suggestions.
Im already working on 1.2b, but it will have more functions and more stuff so it will take maybe 1 week or two until that is complete..

AND YES, the feedback from me to the creators of models etc isn't on its place yet, but will 100 % be on 1.2b, sorry for that!

There will be a better story in the future version also, actually, A story..
No story yet, not my area exactly..
Maybe not a story in 1.2b tho, MAYBE 1.3b..
Definetly 1.4b, 100% promise! :infl_thumbs_up:

If you have a story just pm me or write it in this forum (Feedback on the map off course!)

This Map is made by me 100%, every unit, every trigger & the whole terrain!

Hope you will enjoy it!

Download 1.1b here:


If you want more pictures or information, just tell me to put on more..

Btw, I will soon start to work on an more advanced "europe wars" version, need help on that one when it comes to unit settings & unit balance :nw:
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