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Jacketh'sTD v1.1

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
A tutorial map I made as I got a little bored and thought I'd try and help others
with using World Editor by showing basic triggers and spells and complex ones like
Multishot. Hope you found thid useful. This was orginally just for a few freinds but
I thought why not upload here to help more than a few people? :p

UPDATE - v1.0 - v1.1

- Added Player Check to add support for single or multiplayer.
- Added Anti-Steal to prevent players from building in other's area.
- Added Player Leaves trigger to notify the other player
- Added Removal trigger to remove unused/leavers buildings
- Changed author's name to mee my forum name to reduce confusion ;)

tutorial, tower defense, jacketh, TD

Jacketh'sTD v1.1 (Map)

23:20, 31st Jul 2009 ap0calypse: Rejected See post #7 for more information.




23:20, 31st Jul 2009
ap0calypse: Rejected

See post #7 for more information.
Level 8
Dec 8, 2007
If this was suppose to be tutorial you should go more advanced.

-first of all you should remove memory leaks. I know it's not a basic thing but it has to be done in TDs as they tend to lag horribly because of that
-without 'destroy tower' you should also shove 'sell tower'
-multiple use of map initialization event is a bad habit but I suppose separating one trigger in to smaller makes it better understandable for those how will actually learn from this map.
-unit speech is badly done. You could store all sounds in array variable on map initialization and then make them play on Creep spawn trigger
-unit moving is not bad but could be improved. I don't see why you set all the regions in array every time unit enters one in one of them. You should set all points of regions set in array variable (in map init) and when unit enters region change it's custon value and make move to next point as you did.
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
  • Multishot isn't complex, it's basically the same as Barrage.
  • Increase the description on the hive.
  • Increase the tooltip descriptions, when creating a tutorial, you should really pay attention to details: good tooltips and a good description.
  • The terrain is very bad, a TD-tutorial should also say how to create a good terrain.
  • I prefer multiboards over leaderboards, since they're a lot better to organize.
  • The level-system with the preset units is recommended in most TD's, but you really need to remove the leaks.
  • The unit-speech triggers are inefficient: you can combine them all in the "Creep Spawn" triggers, or into 1 other trigger.
  • I prefer using 1 trigger with the event "Map Init" only, I think it's easier and more clear.
  • I wouldn't call it a "kick system", it encourages players who read this tutorial to create 1 trigger for every player they want to kick.
  • For a tutorial, no information has been added. My TD (the one on the hive is an old version) is more informative.
  • Please base builders of an undead builder, thank you.

I'll put the map in "Rejected until update"-status, change this a lot (especially the leaks) and it can be approved, though the highest rating (I guess) is a 2/5.