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item ability stacking

Level 10
Sep 29, 2006
is there a way to make item abilities not stack? like if i want it to be so that only the dominant attack speed item gives you the attack speed bonus how do i do that?


item 1 gives 10% attack speed
item 2 gives 15% attack speed

how can i make so that if one unit has both items there is only a 15% attack speed bonus?
Level 23
Nov 29, 2006
Item Attack Bonus (aka gloves of haste) is stacking with each other. (with some formula I dont remember). One reason is because it doesn't have any aura/buff. So it wouldn't matter if you use 15% standard or 25%(the greater one)
Bash and Critical Strike works this was as well. Bash uses the "stun" buff I know, but that is another matter (it is rather an effect like the critical hit bonus).

If you take Item Endurance Aura as example, it wont stack with anything, not the normal Endurance Aura spell either. As I said above, non-stack occurs when they are based on the same buff/aura "act" code. (it will not even work if you use different buffs and well, that, I cant explain why...)