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Island of the peanuts.

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Can you survive a attack? Straight from the opposite peanut? Can you walk to the tip of the strange island and still live to see what it is?

It is a very basic map with two players on a strange shaped island. Can they survive on this island? With only 3 gold mines they will have to rage war to get the third, and then there the limiyed suplly of wood.
Its a fast paced paced map which takes place on a strange island, edit if you want.

Map, kewl, peanut, peanus.

Island of the peanuts. (Map)

16:08, 3rd Jun 2013 Orcnet: disappointing
This map should be rejected
- all flat
-wood bad placed, users cant log near
-only 3 orange creeps, no green creeps
-those custom markets doesnt sell items, they must be configured from the objet editor, i cheked that and you didnt edit the markets
- the map hasnt doodads, exept the trees
-starting location to far from the gold mines
- to much emty terrain
-only one way to attack the enemy and is login trees till you get bored

im sorry but this map is very simple, it can be don in one hour of work
-the terrain is the only thing that reflects some work but still need improvments
to be honest, i saw better melee maps that were rejected or put in pending
so i dont see much future to this.

I'm sorry for wasting your time, the map was supposed to be more of a joke, it wasn't really meant to be approved, thanks for your feedback.