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is there a way to stop AI targeting sertan units

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Level 15
Jul 9, 2008
i have a spell that when u kill a unit it will create a skeleton for u that u cant controll.

the problem is that as soon as it spawns the AI seem to target it over the other units and since its hp is looooow (20hp) it dies strait away making the spell usless and no i dont wana just increase the hp i want it low so that when vsing players its up to them to kill it

its for an AoS map
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
Download the test map below.
It uses Invulnerable ability to resist the nearby enemy unit to focus to that summoned unit.
You can increase its "ignore" state duration by just changing the Stats - Duration - Normal from the Divine Shield ability.

You can remove the circling yellow effect on the unit (Divine Shield) by just editing its original buff, or create a new one, with no buff at all.

The buff in this test map is to indicate how long does the "ignore state" occur, nothing else.


  • Simple Prevent Unit Attack System.w3x
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