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Ironforge Priest (Re-Classic)

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Ironforge Priest

Background Story:
Ironforge Priest
by the CSW Team
Author's Notes

Ironforge Priest (Re-Classic) (Model)

Level 3
Feb 2, 2024
I really like this model. It is going to fit a dwarven unit that I had planned quite well. Though there are some issues with the clipping when it comes to his beard during his walking animation. Also it's a bit strange he does nothing at all with his other hand. Perhaps a grunt animation where he handles the hammer with both hands could be a good idea?


Arena Moderator
Level 45
Jul 29, 2008
Now this is a "Re-Classic" set I can seriously get behind O_O. I'm super jealous of those wonderful CSW models but as an SD-only modder they were out of the question... But this... This is wonderful.

I'll have to check it in-game & might have some notes, but lemme just say I greatly anticipate any future SD-ified CSW models. :D

//EDIT// - Ok notes, definitely would encourage you to limit the sparkly holy SFX on the hammer to Spell and/or Attack animations only; most standard Wc3 models (especially units) do not feature constant sparklies. (many basic SD models don't even have (much/any) SFX when they attack or cast spells either, depending solely on the projectile SFX itself O_O)
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A cool one! You're becoming a Dwarf papa 😃

I like the work with the wrapping and textures, animations are also fitting 👍 If not the reference, there's a chance to make the model more warcrafty like making some mesh less detailed and also cut down the SFX power like Kyrbi0 suggests, and the animation around the cloak, always these cloaks... eh! xD But, don't listen to me, you were to repeat the reference, right? Found a clipping in Portrait with the nostrils and mustache, you might want to check:

Don't remember who did I pass this cloaked dude 🤔 someone asked me to add a cloak, might be useful for your footman-based models, I can try to find it if you want 🤙