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Inventory System help!

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Level 11
Jul 5, 2010
Can someone help me make an inventory like this:



1.Where looted items stays.
2.Head,Shoulders,Rings - where you place them to give you stamina,intelect etc...
3.there stays text example: Level 20 Ranger
Attack damage:
Critical Chance:
Attack Speed:
5.Preview of your character.

Or maybe you can tell me where can i make this inventory can it be done in Data editor?

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
There are various data types to make inventories.
1. Units
2. Items
3. Item Classes
4. Item Containers

1. The actual items themselves are a type unit declared in the unit data.
2. These are used to define what an item declared in 1 should do.
3. These define types of items. Its nothing more than a name but can be used to group items under a common name.
4. These define the actual inventory for a unit. Here you specify the layout of the inventory and what each slot can do. You can for example make a WC3 2*3 inventory but make the top left a shield and top right a sword item (so no other items can be placed there).

Some of what you want is doable with the data editor. Other parts might need some Galaxy script running in parallel to add the extra functionality.
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