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Inventory is full

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Level 4
Dec 16, 2013
sorry for my english

In dota, if your inventory is full, and you command your hero to get an item on the ground. The hero still approach the item and get it without message and sound, Inventory is full.

how to make system like that?
I am using mfis inventory system, yes it works to get and combine item when my inventory is full,
but that worked if i order my hero REALLY CLOSE to the item, when i order my hero to pick up item from afar. My hero wont approach the item, and it says Inventory is full.

I have tested in dota, the hero still approach the item, doesnt matter distance between the hero and the item.
Level 10
Apr 4, 2010
Make the item consumable and use instantly once picked up, like a tome. Then make a trigger. If inventory is full and the item picked up does not complete recipe, then create new item of the same kind at the feet, play invalid sound + text [inventory is full]. Else if item acquired does complete recipe, then remove all item ingredients and make the new item. EDIT: oops Maker beat me to it
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