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Inuyasha (Texture)

THE_END: Uhhh very very very very very VERY VERY VERY bad?




THE_END: Uhhh very very very very very VERY VERY VERY bad?
Level 7
May 1, 2005
inuysha is a half demon,

also 3/5
here is improvments I think it needs:
1.dog ears (without a bucnha fur more like inuyasha's ears)
2.make the eyes smaller
3.fix up the hands
4.make it so he has human feet with nothing on them like with inuysha
if those are done it will pretty much be perfect, also make a Naraku skin/model and remember to convert it to .blp aswell. I know its alot :shock: but those things badly need done. Also great idea I have been waiting for one of these.
Level 4
Jan 26, 2005
Only 2 problems I can see is there is no weapon. And file format is TGA!!! And the rest of you expect too much there is only so much ppl can do in skinning and dh's eyes are impossibly hard no matter what you are trying to make.
Level 2
Sep 20, 2005
This would be a good skin, but yes, it has terribly large ears, and eyes still need a bit of work. Oh, yeah, and you should remove the hair part that's standing up into the air, he doesn't have one. :p And a last thing, he doesn't have boots or gloves.
It's a 4 out of 5, and will be a huge 5 if you can fix it.
Level 1
Sep 25, 2005
well, being a huge fan of inuyasha, the moment i noticed this skin i knew i had to check it out. Everything is pretty dead on exept the face and hair. I recommend that you use modeling tools and just all around make it look better. (btw, the necklace is cool)

6/10 :?