Introduction and an Inquery

Level 1
Jul 19, 2011
Hello, My name is Lord Azhron. I used to visit this website with a friend in

order find and play around with interesting things, but that was a long time

ago. Recently another friend and I are interested in brushing up on our

editing skills. This is where my question comes in. Currently im attempting to

create a "Rage Resource Mechanic" but im not sure how to approach it given my

rusty skills in triggering. Im not asking anyone to create the mechanic for me,

only to give me some tips and pointers on how I can get this done.

I need to know how to set the hero's maximum mana, how to turn off mana

regeneration, create a mana degeneration effect, and create an effect that

gives mana to the hero whenever his auto attacks hit.

Help is very much appreciated.

-Lord Azhron