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introduce my self

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Level 1
Apr 2, 2011
Hi I am hexoxandarkmaster :goblin_boom:
I create account to hive workshop because i like someone to teach me how to import the spell from here to my world editor :thumbs_down: :goblin_cry:
after i download the spell i dont know what to do i can try to copy the triggers but i cannot make my own triggers :vw_death:
because i am a boy that only know were i can spend my time in many many things please help me :goblin_cry:
Level 24
Feb 28, 2007
I can summarize your thread in 10 words: Hi, I am hexoblabla, I like emoticons and I fail.

As for your question, if you spent even half a minute browsing this forum, you'd notice we have different forums for different things. Introductions does not exist for noobs to post their modding questions.

Oh, I almost forgot: Welcome to the Hive, I'm hope you'll enjoy your stay!
Linaze, I just love your "everything is a-okay attitude," your such a pleasant person to introduce someone else to the site.

after i download the spell i dont know what to do i can try to copy the triggers but i cannot make my own triggers

Copy the entire folder and paste it into your map, though you should copy the object editor data first so you don't have to reset the references within the trigger.
Linaze said:
I thank you for your kind words.
Yeah, I know this reply may seem to be way off-topic, but seeing how one can get help with modding here, I figured this thread is a sanctuary where no rules apply.

Oh indeed, very much so
It's perfectly understandable that you'd get that impression so I won't begrudge you here for your misconceptions, but it is often the general understanding that people creating an introduction thread haven't even bothered to read the rules yet (which for the OP's purpose can be found here) and thus normally people posting in these threads direct the new members to the rules in a calm and concise manner (which you did quite admirably if I do say so myself).

Keep up the good work :D
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