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Indiana Jones model

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Level 4
Sep 29, 2007
Hello im requesting a model that looks like indiana jones im sure you all know what he looks like but heres a picture of him just in case. Indiana Jones.jpg Credit will be given to the maker of the model as well as plus rep :smile: please note: this model dont have to look just like him. all i need is a brown hat, brown jacket,brown pants and the other details dont matter but the more work you put in the more credit will be given :grin: thanks have a nice day
Level 13
May 11, 2005
lolz, it's just a minor edit to the peasant model, with a mediocre skin...glad you liked it, but i think i can do better

minor edit, major importance


  • indiana jones.mdx
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  • leatherjacketsrock.blp
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