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Well, another old model that I fixed up and made ready for release. Don't poke me because of the lack of elvish ears, it's supposed to be a half-breed. Anyway, fully animated by me, give credit and all that blah. It has no decay bone geoset because I can't be fucked making one..

EDIT: Hey, Dio here! If you enjoy my work, a tip would be most welcome! Even a little helps a lot!

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Incubus (Model)

Incubus (Model)

20:07, 5th Dec 2008 Pyritie: Daaaaaaaaang.
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Jun 15, 2006
Here is my review:
the texture is as awesome as always and the mesh is quite interesting too.
You also had some really nice ideas which are also executed very well.

But there are also some small things that would be nice if they would be changed:

-I think that the cape design looks a bit out of space, but this could be just my personal opinion. And it is missing team color again, btut this is also my personal opinion. :/
-I also think that you should rename the animation "attack -3" into "attack slam" or "spell slam",because it would fit much better.
-The attachment point "Overhead Ref" is missing

I think this model could be aproved when you add the missing attachment point :)

Rated with 4/5 or 5/5 (still have to decide^^)
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Jun 13, 2007
rofl at Test animation. Anywayz, this is a really good looking model and it also got custom animations so err... approval from me and a 5/5!
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