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Improved Reforged Necromancer + Bonus Variation!

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
Two heavily modified variations of the Reforged Necromancer icon.

Some of the changes I've brought:
- Closed mouth
- Many altered proportions
- Many many color adjustments and filters

The green version is just a standard Necromancer, the purple eyed one is supposed to represent like an elite or stronger variant (Necromaster).

(Original icon for compariscent)

Neck Romancer (Icon)

Necro Master (Icon)

hello sapprine, I believe this icon would greatly benefit from some form of shading around the inner lip if we look at the original, I think it has much better mouth definition Can you please update the lips a tad?
Level 21
Jul 2, 2009

Well to be honest the old Necromancer had his mouth open too...
Maybe could work if people wanted a more closed mouthed Necromancer for Reforged...