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I'm having problems Moving Regions

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Level 3
Jul 3, 2011
My goal is to create a set of triggers where after the player orders the Hero to move from point A to point B, the Hero will automatically stop using "Hold Position".

After much troubleshooting, I narrowed the problem down to action itself....Moving the Region. I can't seem to move the damn region at all. I tried creating a variable and tying it to the region. I tried creating the region with triggers, but when I attempted to create a "When Unit Enters This Region" trigger, the Variable doesn't exist on the list.

I have a feeling there's something fundamentally wrong with regions when it comes to moving them. Is there an easier way?

Please help!:ogre_frown:

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
Yes there is something wrong, its called GUI is retarded and lies to you.

So called "Regions" in GUI are actually "rect"s. The event however uses a "region" type. Thus the event secretly converts a rect into a region for you. I am not sure if moving a rect will actually change the region it is bound to, and it not doing so would explain the problems you have.

The only real solution is to learn JASS to understand how the JASS interpreter actually works in WC3 and then design code to support the functionality you want.

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Deleted member 177737

Maby there is a way to set the newly created region as a variable and then use that variable as the reference?

(I've honestly never tried doing what your doing, but this is how I would do it...if it is possible)


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Level 49
Sep 26, 2009
This is solvable but annoying. It requires a healthy amount of custom script, in fact using JassHelper to compile would be preferred because then you can use "region" global variables instead of "rect" globals.

If you have a region named "MyInGameRegion", you can do this:

scope bullocks initializer Init

    private region myRegion

private function OnEnter takes nothing returns boolean
    // A unit has entered "MyInGameRegion"
    return false

private function Init takes nothing returns nothing
    set myRegion = CreateRegion()
    call RegionAddRect(myRegion, gg_rct_MyInGameRegion)
    call TriggerRegisterEnterRegion(CreateTrigger(), myRegion, Filter(function OnEnter))

//This next function works the magic.
function MoveMyInGameRegion takes real x, real y returns nothing
    call RegionClearRect(myRegion, gg_rct_MyInGameRegion)
    call MoveRectTo(gg_rct_MyInGameRegion, x, y)
    call RegionAddRect(myRegion, gg_rct_MyInGameRegion)


Edit: Honestly it is probably better to just use a periodic trigger and check when the unit is in range.
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