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Idea for a new section

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Level 7
Dec 29, 2006
After playing Wc3 and surfing these forums, ive noticed that nearly none of the maps that are made and posted on this site are actually played on battlenet. reason probably being dota but i wont get into that. i thought if the hive would add a section where people could post what types of games they would like to play and the times that they would be available to play them. there would be more of a selection on battle net and these maps will actually be used.

the section could be broken down to realm and what style of map, people would post their screen names and times the games will be hosted. i suggest this because when ever i go on wc3 i never find a game that i want to play and i believe this could solve that problem for many people. if the section was well organized i think we as a hive could semi-resurrect wc3 by hosting more maps and build a stronger wc3 community. people don't make the maps to just have them sit in the archives, they should be played and enjoyed like they were intended.
Not open for further replies.