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Icons for Ujimasa Hojo's models

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Have you downloaded awesome models of Ujimasa Hojo ?

Are you disappointed by the lack of icons ?

I created that you need for your project(s), but I don't finished the work, I continue to share reguliary new icons in the folder.

The icons are free but credit me if you use !

The link: MediaFire

Enjoy ! :cgrin:

Last Update: 17/07/2017
* Added Keeper of the Grove and Derivatives:
- BTNCenteurKeeperOfTheGrove
- BTNKeeperOfTheGrave
* Added BTNElfPriestess in Huntress, Priestess of the Moon and Derivatives.
* Corrected BTNEbonBladeLich in Lich and Derivatives.
* Added Archmage and Derivatives:
- BTNKirinTorHeroArchmage
* Added Beastmaster and Derivatives:
- BTNBeastmasterOrc

- BTNKirinTorHeroArchmage
- BTNBeastmasterOrc
- BTNDeathbringerSaurfang
- BTNDeathMage
- BTNHighborneWarMage
- BTNWretchedBloodMage
- BTNDeathSeer
- BTNDrekTharWarlock
- BTNElfHuntress
- BTNElfPriestess
- BTNCenteurKeeperOfTheGrove
- BTNKeeperOfTheGrave
- BTNBurningLegionLich
- BTNEbonBladeLich
- BTNBanditRanger
- BTNDalaranRanger
- BTNNightElfRanger
- BTNBloodElfWarden
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