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I think I borked the Model upload system...

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It's a perfectly fine model, it works ingame, but for some reason when I download it, the .zip is empty.

Also when it is finished uploading it spews out a bunch of text at the top of the page.

I think this might have to do with me trying to upload a .zip as a .mdx...

The text at the top of the page said:
Warning: rename(/home/hiveworkshop.com/www/forums/../../forums_hidden/cache/tmpdirs/1201892435/myzip.zip,/home/hiveworkshop.com/www/forums/../../forums_hidden/files/5/models_4579) [function.rename]: No such file or directory in /home/hiveworkshop.com/forums_hidden/pages/models_modify.php on line 756

Warning: rename(/home/hiveworkshop.com/www/forums/../../forums_hidden/files/5/models_4579,/home/hiveworkshop.com/www/forums/../../forums_hidden/files/5/models_4579.zip) [function.rename]: No such file or directory in /home/hiveworkshop.com/forums_hidden/includes/functions/function.model_make_readme.php on line 119

I got much more of this text when I tried to upload the .zip.

Is the .zip hard deleted or just soft deleted?
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Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
Please do not mess with file types.

I do not think there are lots of validation checks thus it can bug horriadly if you input any file converted to .mdx when it is not.

Please stick to uploading stuff normally and not renaming a zip as it or other funny tricks. . .
Yes I know. I shouldnt've done that, but even though I deleted it, the script is all funny for me. Could you hard-delete it and see if that works? (It's the caster hand attachments one)

The problem is that this model is perfectly fine; I'm uploading a straight .mdx, not zips, no funny business.

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Level 32
Oct 23, 2006
Let's give our webmaster time to work out any bugs in the system: he's been working on it.

It's probably best if we all let HIM run the tests and not dump a bunch of stuff in there ourselves. I'm sure he'll let us know if he need any volunteers to help him with the test process.
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