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I need help tweaking a spell I downloaded from here.

Level 3
Sep 6, 2005
I need help tweaking the Spirit Bomb spell from The_Raven a little bit.

In the Remove Energies And Enlarge Bomb trigger section, In events, it says "Unit - unit comes within 25.00 of unit". I understand that the unit that goes there must be already on the map at the start. My problem is Goku wont initially be on the map. After players meet a certain condition he will be put on the map with a spawn trigger. This means there can also be multiple gokus for the same player and also means he can be on different sides. I need help modifying this part of the trigger so it can support all of the things i just listed. I was thinking maybe a variable for unit type goku, but im guessing thatll cause problems if one goku is casting and another stands by units. I could limit the gokus per player to one if that helps, and if worse comes to worse i'll only allow one goku on the map at any time. Please reply to let me know if you'll help! Thanks for your time, and hopefully your help! =)