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I Need A Model Edit!!!

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Hey guys,

I'm making a new map and I needed a dwarven hero so I've made a minor edit to the Blademaster model, and now I need it to have a dwarven head. The head should be shaped like the below picture:(ignore the entire body and focus on the head please! it is just some concept art, and I know the drawing is 2D, but for more reference, the head is like the white-haired Mortar Team dwarf's except not bald on the scalp, rectangular and larger eyes)
View attachment 83603

The head can use any (part of a) texture, so long as it is UV wrapped fairly decently so another texturer can trace the shape of the wrap and edit the skin.

You will get +loads of rep and credits of course.

HERE'S THE MODEL:View attachment 83604
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