I Need A Another Model Edit and Texture Edit!!! +rep

Hey guys, here I go again.

I need someone to transfer all the animations from this modelView attachment 84004to this View attachment 84005model.

Also, can someone please make a texture edit for the Dwarf Blademaster? His skin should be dwarven, and rough, as if he's survived many battles. He should be wearing a singlet similar to the Villager's shirt in terms of colour and texture, and his shorts should have the same texture as the shirt and no alpha channel(basically, removing his team-colour). His texture is Textures/Blademaster.blp, so you'll need to find it in the War3.mpq.

Of course, you can just do it bit by bit, and you don't have to do both jobs.
Thanks and +rep and credits for those who help.
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