I Need a Bomb and a Bomberman for a Map :)

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Apr 18, 2011
If you had the curiosity of simply read this is ok because i know what are you thinking "other guy who does not see model database" well are you wrong because i watched over all the model section and i finded some good bomb models but no one fits my circunstanes because there is no bomberman (well i find one i liked the mesh but no the animations) and the bomb i dont liked any of them because the bombs in bomberman actualy breathes
im NOT joking the bombs really breathes well no soo literal but :
how i want the bomb looks more or less (not soo literal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFqCjjP7jkI

and about the bomberman it looks overall good but i cant find the creator again so i will just put here some videos about mesh/anim from other bomberman game

if you think it out a bit the mesh is pretty basic (600-1500 polycount i think xD) and the animations are pretty simple :)

im a not-patheti spellmaker and i think i can make a good map with those :)
Animations required:

Stand (with the bomb breathing)
Death (the bomb exploding but i can add sfx with triggers)
Birth (animation is not needed i think)

Attack 1 (bomb throw)
Attack 2 (bomb kick)
Stand Alternate (making bigger the bomb)
Death (of course changing the face :D)
Victory is optional
Sleep (Stunned)
stair animation is not needed i thk

Not put attention on the kirby thingy :)

i fact the bombs breathing: (srry for bad quality)
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Mar 10, 2009
maybe I didnt read carefully what you want, coz Im talking about triggers, not models...

you cant make an even near 95% bomberman type map, coz of the stretch (aoe) of the
bombs, WC3 engine's aoe usually stretches in circle, not cross type, to do this, you may
need to check the pathing of the terrain 'everytime' the bomb is created which for me will
be quite buggy if created...
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Apr 18, 2011
Ima give you +3 rep if you're going to make it...bomb explode should be like that in
the video and checks terrain pathability, should be upgradable as well and doodads &
units killed wihout the AOE...

JAss of gui :p

Actualy i have some ideas for it BUT no enough models i have a bomberman but i have no F*****g idea how animate it uses ingame textures but no animations yet (well its from another guy from the hive to another request BUT i ant find it again so i taked the model and make it better beause the mesh was not soo good and animations are....well quite bad)
im using milkshape because i dont understand blender and i dont know any other editors srry hands, shoes , ball in the head is blak to make it teamcolored later :D

PD: i dont know what is rep :|
PDD multi atahment fail (i dont know why) attahed in rar file all my for work for now

EDIT: mayber i need post this in "projects section" well who knows..............:)


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