I can't find the correct path!

I have a problem, I have begun skinning a sorceress, found the skin file in the mpq under the path:"units\human\sorceress\sorceress.blp"
But when I was goin to check my changes and put it into a map, set the path to the one above and restarted WE and all the stuff, and tested the sorceress, no changes!! It was the normal sorceress... :cry:
Level 5
Dec 19, 2004
You don't have to exit WE. All you do is import the Skin and change the path. you then test the Map and see if it work's in the game. It might not come up in WE at all.
Level 11
Sep 13, 2004
lol, n00bs...

there are two sorceres models in warcraft, the one from roc and the new bloodelf. the path you discibed is correct for the roc sorc. you can give that model to a unit by selecting it in the model files - extra versions, tag roc on and you can place it.

the path for the bloodsorc, wich is the tft one, is: