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Hyrule in Chaos: original name: My new map

Do you think my choice(about leaving the game in hyrule) was good?

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Level 21
Feb 14, 2004
Interesting. Zelda is my favourite game. I will help you since I am interested. Now, first is the terrain. you will have to work on.
I recommend to continue the story of the Legend of Zelda from The Wind Waker If you do not have that game then I may tell you the story so your map follows it on.
Level 3
Jun 21, 2004
hmmmn... zelda... loved those 8)

Willing to help ya with the terrain if you give me screenshots to work on or something...

By the way... do we have any zelda models in the archive?

(yeeaaah, my first sentance like i'm a full pro... )
Level 3
Jun 21, 2004
That's a beginning...
But zelda looking like a sorceress and link like a blademaster... That won't come out good...
Level 4
Jun 4, 2004
Kohaku is from inuyasha, the story behind that is some demons kinda killed everyone in Kohakus village, but naraku saved him with a stone that turned him evil, hes my favorite person in inuyasha..

Ok ladies and gentlemen about this map, it is going to take place once again in Hyrule, it will be after Link returned from Termina, some of the old villians from OoT, MM, WW, LA, and other zelda games will show up. I have also decided to add my own villans, which you probly will like.

Some notes are

1)a Temple of Time, with the door, and the master sword, and the triforce thingy above the door and s**t. I am having a hard time because I am not one for modelling, so if anyone can help me in that department it would be nice.

2) Since ive never played Wind Waker, some of you will have to fill me in on that game so I can build the villians

3) Even though this takes place in Hyrule, it will look like a new world, I only decided to place it back in there because of the signifcance of the Temple of Time, but I could possibly have some way of explaining it moving to a new place.

4) I am working on a FULLY interactive place that you can play mini-games, like it was in hyrule castle with all the bomb games, and the archery place, stuff like that

5) Ganon will NOT be making an appearance in this game, niether will Skull Kid, the villians from MM, and OoT will be just the mast and Ganondolf

6) Since most people would find my idea for same same boring I am now open to suggestions, I will implent most of them(as long as it isnt outragous like link wearing a dress) into the game.

7) There will be new villians, new places to explore, funner enviroments, stuff like that.

8)As I said, I am now open to suggestions, and by the way, the people that offered to help, I would much appriate it.

9) This map is a peoples map so any idea that the general public doesnt like, I will add.

10) I am going to add a poll, so please vote.
Level 4
Jun 4, 2004
Complete Storyline(storyline to change)

It has been 3 years since Link arrived back in Hyrule. He settled down, off his adventures and marries Princess Zelda.

(which made him King Link, and her Queen Zelda)

But around three months ago people have reported that mysterious monsters have been popping up in the lands of Hyrule. Link and Zelda Sent the warriors of Hyrule out to investigate. There horses came back, but not them. This is when Zelda and Link realized something was wrong. Link picked up his sword and went out himself.

Thats where it begins, it will change depending on opinions
Level 21
Feb 14, 2004
Heh perfect :D
Heres the story - written by ME on Wind Waker (it does continue from Orcarina of time)

Theres a new link.
That link is not the true hero of time.
Link starts off when his sister has been kidnapped by a unknown giant bird from the sky.
Link seeks to the palce where the bird has taken her - The Forsaken Fortress.
With some help, Link meets a pirate girl called " Tetra " who is the commander (female) of the ship. She takes Link to the Forsaken fortres...
Link fails to get her back as the Great giant bird [SPOILER WARNING - LINK WILL KILL IT IN LATER OF GAME]
it tosses link to the Ocean.
Link is alive and safe with a strange boat.
" The King of Red Lions "
He entrusts Link with " The Wind Waker " which is played by waving it.
It is said he must gather 3 stones (similar to the spiritual stones) and place them in the statues of the Great Sea.
Once they are placed, the statues will use the energies to form a triangle around the Great Sea, thus creating a beam of power and excavating the " Temple of Gods " from beneath the Ocean.
Link then must suceed inside it.
After Link has finished the temple of the gods, the god find the hero within Link.
The King of Red Lions tells asks him Do you know the Hero of Time?
Then, they travel to Hyrule.
Hyrule castle has been burried and shieleded with evil.
Link goes in and finds everyone (even enemies) and frozen stiff.
Link sees a Statue of " The Real link (adult) " smashed. There is some steps downstairs.
There lies the master sword....

Level 21
Feb 14, 2004
No, THE REAL LINK didn't die (hero of time)

The new hero of time picks up the Master sword in the pedestal. He checks it out and practices with it.
The Royal statues on the walls honor him as if the Hero of Time returns.
Link suddenly reliases the enemies in the castle go back to normal - they move and have life back.
Link tests out the master sword by slaying the monsters.
However the second exit bas been blocked by a barrier of evil [SPOLER WARNING - ONLY SACRED POWERS CAN DESTROY IT]
He rises back to the Great Sea by going back on the portal.
The King of Red Lions say its time for ravenge - get your sister back so they go to Forsaken Fortress again.
Nothing has changed there except for " Phantom Ganon " miniboss is there to fight link.
Link reaches the top of the fortress and finds the bird. He runs up to the very top of the fortress while the bird smashes the stairs down to bits.
They fight. Link wins.
Link finds GANONDORF *lol*

Ganondorf laughs. Link holds up the master sword, ready to kill Ganondorf. Ganondorf says:
" How can you kill me with a legendary blade which is not even sparkling with power or has its energies awakened? "
Link looks at the blade carefully.
He is right. The master sword's power is NOT even awakened! Ganondorf laughs.
Ganondorf heads to fight link (cinematic)
Tetra comes out of nowhere (she hits him on the head)
Ganondorf reliases his triforce - is glowing as Tetra comes closer.
Ganondorf asks - " Are you Zelda??!! "
Tetra replies - " Who is Zelda?!! "
Tetra says " I'm not zelda! "

Suddenly link's friends from dragonroost island help him. They burn the fortress tower and burn Ganondorf.
Ganondorf retreats.
Link is saved.
The king of Red lions says what Ganondorf is right. Th e master sword's power has not been awakened yet.
There is only one way to awaken it.
That is to go to the earth and wind temples and play the sacred prayers chosen by the chosen ones:
Earth God's Lyric is one of them.

Level 21
Feb 14, 2004
Link goes to the earth temple and brings the chosen one to restore 50% of the master sword's power
Then Link goes to the wind temple and brigns the other chosen one to restore the other half of the master sword's power.
The Master Sword's power then is fully restored - it can banish evil easily.
Link then must gather 8 triforce shards to form one triforce. They are scattered all over the Great Sea and towns.
After finding them all, link matches them and the trifoce is formed.
All travel to Hyrule Castle is just outside the Temple of the Gods.
The gods reliase Link is really the Hero of Time.
Link goes to Hyrule castle.
This time the statue of " THE REAL LINK IN OCARINA OF TIME " is smashed again.
Link goes inside.
Link sees nothing except for a old man.
Ah, its the King of Hyrule!
Link meets him and Tetra is also there.
The King of Hyrule asks that your locket was passed by your mother - Zelda.
The King of Hyrule transforms Tetra into a princess.
Now Link goes outside back to the surface.
oops, I got it wrong, NOW he does the temples.

After the temples, he returns back to Hyrule and goes downstairs.
He seems Zelda!
Link runs with joy!
Zelda disspears.
A fire ring is created around the ring.
Link is shocked.
Ganondorf laughs out of nowhere.
2 Darknuts (like Iron Knuckles) but with more flexible movies jump down from the ceiling.
Link fights them.
After the fight, link goes back upstairs in Hyrule Castle.
Link goes the second exit where the barrier of evil blocks further acess.
Link, wielding restored powered Master Sword, strikes the barrier and it is destroyed.

Link proceeds and follows the path...

Level 21
Feb 14, 2004
Link follows the path till he reaches Ganon's Castle.
Its full of tricky traps and challenges.
Link fights Shadow Ganon and he must solve the riddle - the direction of Shadow Ganon's blade pointing towards which door out of 4 detemine which door should link go thorugh. This is repeated for 4 or 5 times.
Link gets the Light Arrows at the 5th challenge.
Firing one light arrow eliminates Shadow Ganon once and for all.
Link goes up the throne and opens the door.
Ganondorf transforms 3 times - puppet, catipillar and spider.
Once Link kills them, Link climbs up the rope up to the Tower of Ganon's Castle.
Ganondorf has already absorbed Zelda's powers. She is lieing on the floor helplessly.
Ganondorf punches Link and beats him up (cinmeatic)
He gets link slighly unconciousness.
Ganon absorbs Link's triforce powers but he cannot.
The King of Hyrule stops him.
Ganon says " If I can't get the triforce, this way, I'll give these kids a future they will never forget! "
Ganon draws 2 shadow blades.
The final battle starts.
Whilst Link strikes Ganon with his Master Sword, Zelda will shoot light arrows to stun Ganondorf.
The Battle finishes when Link stabs the Master Sword into Ganondorf's head, turning him into stone.
Level 13
May 5, 2004
Hm. Though I don't know how to complete my Save/Load Script Project, I went back to one of my other projects, namely developing a trigger-based way to create a multi-map RPG (like Blizzard's Orc RPG). Just had the idea you could like such a script, e.g. creating one epic Hyrule map and many sub-maps, so you can play it, for example, like "Ocarina of Time". If you are interested, say it.

BTW, every experienced map developer, plz give suggestions/ideas what I must note / take care of by designing such a trigger-system.
Level 6
May 5, 2004
I will play your map, I can' t wait for its release :D .
By the way, for skins, you know who to ask: Sopho! :lol:
I can make some, but I don' t know if I could do it... I will try this evening. For icons, there' s 2 or 3 Zelda and Link icons on the icon section of this page. Or ask Sopho! :lol:
SophoSopho... :idea:
Idead= Sopho!
Ask Sopho, and you can talk to him for request on MSN too: [email protected]
or me: [email protected]

See ya!
Level 4
Jun 29, 2004
sup, well if you wanted zelda icons, have you ever played the game zelda td? well theres a whole bunch a LOT of icons in that map, so maybe you could ask the creator to use some...if you dont have the map ill send it to you.
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