Hyjal Guardian (Reforged)

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I haven't released a skin in quite a while so I think it's about time. This is an elite Druid of the Claw guarding mount hyjal that will be featured in Chapter 1: Descent of the Nightmare Flight for my upcoming custom campaign. The skin is inspired by the Koda Steelclaw Bear Form from World of Warcraft: Legion.

I included 2 MDX models and if you want this as a sperate model, just remove war3mapImported\ from the DDS files but keep it for the MDX models. Should look like this:


The icons should look like this, and you just use the same path in custom when you select the icon.

MDX models:
Hyjal Guardian | HIVE

Edit: I updated the bear main so it looks more like the wow version, but trying to make it even less saturated or light blue didn't look good so sticking with this version. The gif+screenshots are also updated.

Bear Hair (Texture)

Bear Main (Texture)

Druid Hair (Texture)

Druid Main (Texture)

Icons (Icon)

Just a small suggestion. As you've seen the skin doesn't quite correlate to what's displayed ingame, the colours are much more vivid due to Blizzard's recent patch.
I would suggest to apply a soft discoloration layer to the bear texture (like color or hue white/black something like 20-ish %).
That is if you want him to look like the WW reference of course =P

Here's your Wolf Form icon in the druid for pac:
Druid Forms (Reforged)