Hybrid Elf

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Jul 18, 2010
Hello everyone, while making a map with some elves in it I started thinking about what would happen if High Elf(or blood elf) would have a child with Night Elf. Is that possible, or did it happen somewhere in WoW/Books lore? Any ideas how would it look like and what skills would the Hybrid have if it was possible? Feel free to discuss, I'm waiting for every idea of High-Night Elf, Blood-Night Elf or whatever you want to call it. If there is a thread like this already I'm sorry, you can link me to it.
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Jul 18, 2010
So If we are going to just speculate how our Hybrid Elf would look like, because I can't find any sings of Night+High/Blood elf children in Warcraft Lore we should get some basics first.

Let's say we will make average High Elf + Night Elf child.
According to WOWWiki
"According to the WoW game manual, [Night elves] having a slim, athletic build.", "Male kaldorei are very muscular, with broad chests and shoulders(...) Female night elves have that same strength lying in their minds and bodies; they are stunningly beautiful, lithe and curvaceous, yet extremely muscular and strong."

"[high elves]weighs between 100 to 175 pounds, depending on gender. The elves are slim, with sharp symmetrical features, often an exaggeration of perfect beauty."
"They[high elves] have(...)much smaller, lighter bodies than night elves."

So the mix of these two will be just in beetwen, not as slim as High elf but not as muscular and athletic as night elf.

High Elf:
5'1" - 6'1" (155 to 185 cm) (male), ~170cm (they are not that "high" :D)
4'9" - 5'9" (145 to 175 cm) (female) ~160cm
Night Elf:
6'6" - 7'6" (198 to 229 cm) (male), ~213cm
6'2" - 7' 2" (188 to 218 cm) (female) ~203cm
note: let me use cm - cause i'm more familiar with it.

I will take maths approach on this one, so sorry if someone don't like it, you can use your own methods.
Let's say average Hybrid Elf will be around: 182cm(female) 192cm(male)

Skin Color
Night Elf:
"Skin tones range from pale white to blue to violet (the most common and signature color) to black (though not playable in the game) or even ruddy red[...]"
High Elf:
"(...) and fair skin." - well that's not much info.

Night Elf's pale white skin color can be very similar fo "fair" of high elf, but it can depend on skin color of night elf parent. I would say that when Blue/Violet night elf will mix with typical High Elf we will get pale white skin with maybe a little bit of blue tone(that's just my opinnion).

Eye Color
Night Elf
"Among night elves, amber-colored eyes, as opposed to the traditional silver, are a sign of inherent druidic potential and/or a night elf destined for greatness."
Let's say this one has no druidic potential so we stick to the Silver
High Elf
"Their eyes are incredibly intense in color, seeming to glow with an inner light. While many high elves have blue or green eyes (ex. Alleria), violet and red are not unheard of. The structure of high elven eyes (based on artwork) shows that they are generally like humans with a pupil and iris surrounded by "white"."
So I guess it again depends on color of parent's eyes but I'd say when high and night elf genes will mix outcome will be light blue/light violet

Hair Color
Night Elf
"Their hair ranges from blue, green, dark violet, white or black"
High Elf:
"High elves have white, red, orange brown, black, and blonde colored hair"
Now everything is opposite so it will be hard, again depends on hair color of parents, but let's specualte about it and say it will be something like light green/light violet

"They[high elves] have shorter ears (...)than night elves. In addition, their ears usually point upwards whereas those of the night elves do not."
I don't know what to say here, the ears will be medium lenght, beetwen those of night and high elf ofcourse, and probably will point a little upwards, but not as much as high elf's ones.

Night elf:
5,000 and sometimes more.
High Elf:
354-390 on avg. (sometimes up to 2000)
I guess Hybrid Elf would be capable of reaching High Elf's 2000 and maybe a little above that point.

So my version of Hybrid Elf would look like this:
192cm(male) 182cm(female)
Athletic Build
White skin with a bit of blue tone
Light Blue/Violet Eyes
Light Green/Light Violet hair
Medium, poining little bit upwards ears
Lifetime: up to 2000 years.

Combat wise I will leave it to someone willing to do it beacause i'm don't think I will do it well but based on my knowlage, in my opinion Hybrid Elf would be great archer, healer or rogue.
If I was to give it some suggested WoW classes it would be: rogue, priest, druid, hunter and mage. (although i didn't play much wow :p)

Hope you like it, if not - tell me why, comment, make your own hybrid elf, I can't wait to see other suggestions how Hybrid Elf would look like, I think that could be one of the most badass characters in warcraft's lore (who knows maybe WC4 :grin: ) maybe we will get some concept artist to draw it :ogre_hurrhurr:
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Jul 18, 2010
I think they will not have a child because it's AWKWARD for them to.. ! Anyway good searching those things.

Yes, I know, but how about dropping the lore for a while, and just imagine our hybrid elf.
I'm actually making a map where I replaced Night and High with Moon and Solar - to make my own lore with own races, but so far I'm still using warcraft night and high models, so I just started thinking about hybrid.
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Jan 11, 2015
well, you could start with an night elf and then make his/her skin a little whiter
and his/her hair black because both night/blood elves can have black hair
he/her should be able to master both arcane and <insert what name night elves call their spell type> he/she should look beautiful(like legolas) and should be the main character.

ps: make sure to send me link to the campaing
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May 9, 2009
Is there a difference between HElf and NElf height?

From wowpedia: 'They had shrunk in height and their skin had become a peach hue similar to most dwarves and humans.'

'They have shorter ears and much smaller, lighter bodies than night elves. As well, their ears usually point upwards whereas those of the night elves do not.'

From wowwiki: Night elf heights: 198 to 229 cm (male), 188 to 218 cm (female).

High elf heights: 155 to 185 cm (male), 145 to 175 cm (female).