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Huorn (Lord Of The Ring)

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There's nothing more wonderful than witnessing the marvels and secrets of nature. The Treant is one of these wonders, powerful tree men born of nature itself. They defend the peace of the forests with great ferocity against those who desecrate them. So, be careful when approaching the woods with an axe or torch.

Icons pack of Huorn (LOTR) HerrDave's

The skill icons are just some that occurred to me while I was creating the original icons.

-Added new ability icon.

If there is any error, let me know and I will correct it.

BTNDeadlyRejuvenation (Icon)

BTNFoliage (Icon)

BTNHuornV1 (Icon)

BTNHuornV2 (Icon)

BTNHuornV3 (Icon)

BTNSpiritsOfTheForest (Icon)

Level 12
Aug 29, 2021
I'm confused why there's no icon for their actual ability from War of the Ring, Root Mode.
This is what their official unit icon and their root ability icon look like:

View attachment 472079View attachment 472080
Yes, what happens is that I don't have and didn't plan to make an icon for his ability to bury himself, because as I wrote in the description the icons of the abilities came to me when I saw the animations of the model and I was making the portrait icons.