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Human Life Productions

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Mar 24, 2005
hey! I am the Head of Human Life Productions(HLP)

HLP is suffing from unactivity now, becuase most of our AoK(Age of Kings) members have gone over to AoE3(Age of Empires III) and therefore HLP have started to design maps and such for WarCraft III. I'm currently making a big WC3: TFT project called: Baldur's Gate: The Time f Troubles.

Why did I post this topic?
Well, I'm asking you all now: Is there anyone that want to join HLP? Here is what you can get as a member:
A HLP email(<yournamehere>@humanlifeproductions.host-dot.com)
2) A little personal website(still under work) :wink:

If you want to join, just tell me here or email me at [email protected]
Not open for further replies.