+HP and damage solo buff?

Level 6
Jan 17, 2019
Hey brosephs, so in my map I got 4 legendary heroes going through multiple dungeons and 4 players defending it as random mediocre minions. When a boss dies I'd like to give the minions a bonus to their health and damage but I'm scratching my head on what is the best way to do this. I can't give them hero inventory or they'll use the health glyphs and I cant use a universal buff because it will affect the computer controlled creeps/bosses.

I'm currently thinking the best way to do this would be a buff cast on them when they respawn (they ARE technically heroes). But I don't know how to do this or if there is a simpler way I'm all ears. Ideally when a boss dies I'd give the 10 possible minions the 4 defending evil players play +50hp and +10dmg. Any ideas?
Level 18
Feb 9, 2009
There is a trigger that allows you to directly add to a units maximum health.
Note: when using this trigger it simply adds to the maximum, it does not increase their "current' health...
If you wish to fully healing them I suggest setting their health percentage to 100% after using this trigger.

As for the damage you can simply give Damage tomes of +10 attack, for the units that don't have hero inventories, simply give the a hero inventory, followed by the tomes, and then remove the inventory afterwards.

Edit: I'm still thinking in work arounds thanks to blizzards brilliance, in the very screenshot I posted you can set the base damage...
Be warned, 1 is actually the secondary attack and 0 is the primary...
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