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How To Play

Discussion in 'Warden' started by Rufus, Sep 12, 2016.

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  1. Rufus


    Oct 2, 2011
    -How To Play-
    In this guide you'll learn basic information about in-game controls and other useful things.
    You can either read this guide or play the Introduction mission.
    The Introduction mission is included in the campaign.

    Here, you can watch the Hive member Flour make a playthrough of the tutorial in a quick and informative way.

    [​IMG] Movement - ←↑↓→
    Use the arrowkeys to move to move your character around.
    [​IMG] Attack - Q
    Use attack to damage all enemies in front of you.

    Attack can also be used to interact with most units and items, for example destroying barrels.

    If you press Q before your character has attacked, the order will be queued and performed as soon as your character finishes the first attack.
    [​IMG] Dash - W
    Use while moving to swiftly move forward.

    Use dash to swiftly reposition yourself or in order to avoid traps and attacks.

    Dash has one second cooldown and can have two stacks.
    Rapidly pressing W two times consumes both stacks and results in a long-distance dash.
    [​IMG] Stun - E
    Stuns all enemies around you briefly.

    This ability requires 100 energy to be used.
    Use stun to disable enemies that is winding up attacks or to land a few extra free attacks.

    -The New User Interface-
    1. Controls Dialog
    Here you can view the controls in game in case you would forget what hotkey does what.

    2.Character Dialog
    Here you can see your current stats, your selected handicap level and turn on and off the energy bar.

    3. Objectives Dialog
    Here you can view what current tasks you have been assigned.

    Click the numbers 1 through 5 to view an extended text of the selected objective.

    4. Soul Stones
    The lumber resource has been replaced with soul stones. A few soul runes are given to you in the start of each map, and more can be found hidden within.

    A soul stone is consumed upon dying, causing you to ressurect and continue playing. If you run out of soulstones, the game is over.

    5. Energy
    Your food resource has been replaced with energy.
    Energy is required to pull off certain special moves such as Stun.

    You regenerate 10 energy each second.

    6. Energy Bar
    A secondary display of your energy bar.
    Can be enabled / disabled via the character dialog.

    7. Health Bar
    This displays your current health over your maximum health.

    There are a few items to keep track of in this game.
    Items can be picked up by attacking or walking over them.

    [​IMG] Runes:
    Runes heal or empower you for a limited duration.
    Runes taken from runespawners will cause another one to spawn.

    Soul Stones:
    Adds another soul stone to your soul stone resource bar.

    Enchantments increases a stat for the remainder of the map.
    From left to right the enchantments are: Damage, Health, Health Regeneration.

    Unlike a standard Warcraft III game, You can walk on top 1x1 ledges.
    You can also climb ruined walls by simply moving towards them.

    keep an eye out for places like this as they may lead you to hidden areas.

    Use your Attack, dash and stun abilities as much and as smartly ass possible in order to get the best outcome in a fight.
    Remember however that you are not the only one with special abilities.
    Always pay attention to your opponent as it may have a few tricks up their sleeves.

    Upon dying you'll be ressurected, providing you have at least one soul stone.
    Upon coming back to life, you'll be granted invulnerability for three seconds.
    Use this time wisely in order to get out to safety and plan your next move.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2016
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