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[General] How to make time score?

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Level 23
Sep 26, 2009
Every second of game time: Set time[player_index] = time[player_index] + 1

Show score:
Hours = time[player_index] / 3600
remainder = mod(time[player_index] / 3600)
Minutes = remainder / 60
seconds = mod(remainder / 60)

Display the rest via string? Fill the string with zeros if hour or minutes or seconds number is less than 10.

Time = 5240, which means 5240 seconds, since this is incremented each second.
1 hour = 3600 seconds.
Hours = Time / 3600 = 5240/3600 = 1
remainder = mod(Time/3600) = mod(5240/3600) = 1640
1 minute = 60 seconds
Minutes = remainder / 60 = 1640 / 60 = 27
Seconds = mod(remainder/60) = mod(1640/60) = 20

Now, just fill Hours/Minutes/Seconds with zeros if number is less 10. This would hold true for hours (probably all the time, so adding zero to hours should be automatic).
You'll get that 5240 = 01:27:20

Time[] should be integer array, Hours, Minutes and Seconds could be string, so you can easily covert these three strings into one big final string (the xx:yy:zz formatted string).
Tho it would be far easier to make yourself a jass function for it imo.
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