How to make scoreboard with resocures?

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Jul 7, 2014
Hello guys. It's my first thread on this forum. I have a little problem. I' going to make scoreboard with RESOCURES but i find only threads where is shown how to make board with kills. Any help is appreciated. Please help.
Level 5
Jul 18, 2010
Like this?

Dr Super Good

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Level 58
Jan 18, 2005
WC3 only supports 4 types of board as far as I remember.
  • Timer Dialog. Used to show a countdown timer.
  • Leaderboard. Used to show a list of players with a single score value next to them.
  • Multiboard. Used to show a more customizable spreadsheet like display.
  • Shared Resources. In-build dialog shown when full shared unit control is given between players. Seems mechanically based on Multiboard as they do not appear to overlap.
Unlike in StarCraft II where leaderboard mechanics come with a configurable column number, the single column of WC3 limits the usability of leaderboard to the most simple of gameplays which only need to display a single score metric for each player and automatically sort based on that. As such Multiboards are mostly used, with custom written sorting algorithms to display more complex scores or data to the user. For example DotA Allstars uses a Multiboard.

For multiboards with large column and row dimensions it is recommended to avoid GUI. All GUI multiboard actions have complexity which scales with mutliboard size so they become very slow for very large multiboards.