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How to make ranged poison arrow for melee hero

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How to make ranged poison arrow for melee hero? <<<<----???

a ranged poison arrow meaning a ranged orb-based ability for a melee hero? Basically you want to make the melee hero have an attack-autocasted spell like poison arrow or searing arrows right, so you can have a ranged-attack for a melee unit, am I right? I do not think that's possible.....

You can have a spell autocasted by a dummy whenever you attack but your character will still be attacking at melee range.
Level 3
Nov 3, 2006
maybe it would help you to modify the skill "pheonix fire"? It shots automaticly at targets in range of your hero. Give it an arrow missile and do a trigger like: If ability pheonix fire is casted on unit do: do 5 damage to target of ability, wait 2 second, do damage, wait, do damage, and so on, to simulate the poison effect. Dont know if this trigger works but this is the way i would try it.
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