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How to make doodads transparent when they block visibility?

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Hi, I need help with my camera system. I already know how to make a doodad transparent or how to make camera zoom in, but I need to set WHEN it happens. You see, I am making a Third Person Camera System that will make camera zoom in or doodads become transparent if they block the sight to the hero.
Please, tell me what Events and Conditions should I use. :D


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Mar 19, 2008
You want to detect when you change cammera setting right?
Why don't you use just simple method with setting real variable.

player changes camera settings, fire action that sets real variable to given number and use proper event.
  • Actions
    • <stuff here about camera>
    • Set Real = 1.00
Real is set by default to 0.00.
In other trigger:
  • init
    • Events
      • Game - Real becomes Equal to 1.00
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • <stuff here>
Use can use also many other methods if your cammera is triggered via clicking any buttons, or arrows.
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