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[Trigger] How to make an item attachment.

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Level 14
Jan 27, 2007
Ill show you how to create an attach to a unit and how to destroy it.
All with a item pick up and drop.

First, create a item (in this case a item called Hook) then Import an attach, or use something that already exists if you want.


Then make a trigger with the next event,condition and actions.


And there you go. To remove it do the next:


And the last thing you have to make is this:


Enjoy the attachs!
If you have any trouble or you want to ask something, tell me, i am here to help!

PD: Attach can be used by ANY model, the problem is that if the unit already have a weapon, will have 2 weapons in one hand xD.

PD2: You can make this with fire too, like a burning guy. you can attach fire to "chest" and lots of more things.
Level 29
Jul 29, 2007
Attachment points (credits to SK_Ryoko from Thehelper)

overhead (Floats over the unit' s head, but dosn' t sway with.)

head (Sways with the unit' s animation.)


origin (Usually at the base of a unit' s feet.)


Attachment point modifiers for "hand":



Additional attachment point modifiers:


weapon (for heroes)

sprite (for buildings)

medium (for buildings)

large (for buildings)

mount (for mounted units)

rear (for quadrupeds)

first (for buildings)

second (for buildings)

third (for buildings)

fourth (for buildings)

fifth (for buildings)

sixth (for buildings)

rallypoint (for buildings)

I think you should also point out that, for example, "hand left" is actualy made of two strings and not from one, because I think this is quite a confusing thing for starters.

Another matter is, there is a easier (can't bug because it doesn't use variables, or triggers while we're at it, at all) to make attachments if they are based on items.

As you probably know, any item can have item abilities.
Now go try to create a ability (passive) that does nothing but, it has attachment points on the caster.
Now give that ability to the item you want, and whenever you equip that item - the effects you made on the ability, will be made on the unit that owns that item, remove the item and the effects will be removed aswell.
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